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Driving from the ferry port Žigljen to the inlands of the island, turning left at the first crossroads, we get a view of the largest bay on the island. Then we pass Caska, a well known Roman site. We get to Vidalići, a recently built settlement. A little further on, we can already see the village Kustići. Most of the inhabitants in the village have built new houses, located by the sea. The inhabitants of the village Kustići keep sheep and they also make their living with tourism. (they rent houses… )

The village has been developing rapidly: the main road has been asphalted, public lighting has been put up, there is a playground with requisites for children to play just next to the village hall. There is a shop where you can get fresh bread and other provisions, there is a small bakery that offers different kinds of bread. In Kustići one can buy delicious cheese ( Paški sir which is made of sheep milk), wine, travarica ( an alcoholic drink made of herbs), prošek( a kind of sweet wine).

In the evening, after taking a walk, you can stop at the cafe and refresh yourself with drinks and ice cream. Those, who like night life, can go to Novalja or to the beach Zrče. In the daylight you can sunbathe on the piers and swim in the clean and calm sea. Very kind natives will take you in their boats across the bay, where there are beautiful sand beaches.